Thursday, March 18, 2010

new apt

well pretty psyched, just got word that I can officialy move into my new apt on march 27th. It's a pretty big townhouse,

Got big plans for the grind room, will post pictures once im officially moved in.

On the poekr side of things been crushing rush up like 4bi at NL200 rush over like 1k hands,

but pretty breakeven in regular ring games over a 4k sample from yesterday.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

seriously how bad can 1 fukn run

how bad can 1 person fukn run in a week, I missclicked a 600 dollar pot, every donk who runs 52/0 hits there 2 outters, at one point i lost 7 flips in a row.

guess this is why you have a bankroll to handle this kind of shitty variane but dayum this is unreal this week.

this is a mix of NL100 and NL200 about 50/50 the volume i put in.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

as promised here is the graph from my desktop, not sure how to combine them, I'm sure I could figure it out im just rather lazy when it comes to small things like these.

Actually im rather lazy in life, and it shows through my volume, and how much I put up ..... r should I say the lack of it lol. Ah well that is something I am working on, im done rambling.

First blog

Well everyone and there brother is blogging about there poker experiences in life, so might as well start one of my own. Should be fun to look back at all my posts one day, and remember my poker road whether for good or bad.

Anyways a little about me, I grind NL200FR at FTP as my main game, im 25 years old, been playing poker for about 2 1/2 years now, and first started out playing home games with my freinds for 5 to 10 dollars. I currently live in manchvegas (manchester), nh with a buddy of mine.

I post on 2p2 as Bannnnn, but don't think i've ever really posted anything with actual real content in it, 2p2 though has helped me improve my game way beyond anything besides deucescracked, so first want to formally thank all those who post strat on there and helped me to become a much better player today.

anyways as this is my first post I really have no clue what your really supposed to write about in these things, but im sure ill get the hang of it after a few goes.

ill leave you with my march graph so far from my laptop as I post this from my freinds house and am not in front of my desktop, ill post my desktop graph later on today or tommorw

march graph so far from my laptop